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     Imagine sitting in a chair on the deck of a boat with a 150 year old brick fort as your back drop while enjoying the sunset as you rest your weary arms from a full day of fishing some of the best waters in all of the United States if not the world. You look down into the water and there under the boat are two 300 pound Goliath grouper waiting to be fed. Off to your left you hear the birds on the nesting island giving their goodbyes to the light of day and settling in to roost for the night. You look out and all you see is water ablaze with the colors of the dying sun and beyond is the most spectacular sunset you have ever seen… this is the Dry Tortugas.   

Located over 70 miles from Key West, the Dry Tortugas escapes the normal fishing pressure of the Florida Keys. Therefore the reefs surrounding the area are absolutely loaded with fish. Not just any fish, HUGE fish and plenty of them! These reefs are home to very large mutton snapper, flag yellowtail and big grouper along with other species.

Now for how this trip works…

We leave the dock in the morning at 7am loaded with ice, bait and groceries. The trip out to “The Fort” is approximately 3 hours depending on sea conditions. When we arrive and have the fort in sight we can branch off and hit our first spot. The main focus is our reef species (mutton snapper, yellowtail snapper and grouper). We fish till sunset catching monster yellowtail up to 30 inches, mutton snappers up to 25 pounds and of course all the grouper you could ever want… Then we head back to the fort where we can dock and tour the island as we watch the sunset. With the failing light we jump back on the boat and anchor up a couple hundred feet from shore inside the harbor. Once there, we break out the gas grill, filet some of our fresh catch and have an outstanding dinner enjoying the sounds of the ocean.

Now comes something quite fun… We take what’s left of the fish that was fileted, hook it up on a big rod, and feed it to the hungry 300+ pound Goliath Grouper lounging beneath the boat. All you can do is hold on as this massive fish takes whatever strength you have left from the day. These fights usually last 30 minutes to an hour and end with a photo and one angler out for the count. When all the fun has been had everyone retires to the air conditioned cabin where we have bunks and a freshwater shower. In the morning you can choose to sleep in and relax, or hit it hard nice and early. The choice is yours.

The second day of the trip will consist of fishing until 1 or 2 o’clock and then we will make our way back to civilization.

  • This is a sample of what this trip can be, although you are welcome to custom tailor it as you wish. We can spend more time at the Fort or add snorkeling to the endeavor, it is all up to you.
  • What you have for your meals is up to you. We will gladly grill fresh fish from the days adventure or if you would rather, you can bring along another meat that does not swim in the sea such as beef or chicken and we’ll prepare that instead.

What you can expect from this trip….

An unbelievable fishing experience that will leave you out of breath and wanting more. You will also have plenty of fresh fish to take home if you choose to do so.
Truly a trip you will never forget…

Click here for more information about the Dry Tortugas National Park.

One Night   $ 3400 — Approx. 34 hours on the boat from the time we leave to the time we arrive back at the dock.


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