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Fishing For Tarpon In Key West Harbor

There are really two types of Tarpon anglers… The ones who enjoy the hunt, the cast, and watching that fish eat…. And then there are the ones who just want to get it done! Chumming for Tarpon is a definite way to make it happen. Sure you may not get to watch the fish eat but the number of tarpon brought to the boat with this style of fishing can easily double or triple the number of Tarpon caught on the flats. It’s done by tossing in chunks of baitfish while on anchor in the Harbor drifting back live baits. What this does is eliminate the waiting period. Instead of waiting for that Tarpon to swim by you”re bait and happen to see it , we put out these chunks of fish and bring him to your bait. This style of fishing for Tarpon can be very effective. It all depends on the kind of angler that you are. If you are more into the hunt and love to watch that fish eat, Tarpon on flats is more you’re game. Into numbers? This is it.

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